Saturday, June 26, 2010

"Trojan" Concepts

Here's some of my "Trojan" concepts for my current video game project. I wanted them to share common traits with my "Spartan" soldiers, such as respirator masks and elaborate helmets. I had a lot of fun designing these. Comments always welcome!


  1. I like it! One of the strengths of these kinds of armor set-ups is that you can allocate a good portion of the general design to visible rank specifiers, which can give you a much richer narrative when you see like 30 simple variations of the same general motif.

    Keep it up! You're inspiring me to get my lazy can in gear this summer

  2. Hey Josh thanks for the feedback! I would've put a little more focus on these guys but I get to design Hades next for the project, so obviously I'm very excited about that haha.

  3. Just one glance at the concepts and the individual makes the "Trojan" reference....which in turn could make the player make an obvious choice of their more familier style. Good guys or bad guys. However menancing....IMO the player will have a tough time on who he or she wants to "be". Which evolves into the interaction you must have with the new standard of video entertainment in the 21st. century. I am stoked for Hades!