Sunday, June 20, 2010

"Spartan" Concept

Here's some process work of my "Spartan" soldier concept for the video game project I'm working on right now. Me and a few others are taking inspiration from The Skillful Huntsman book and decided to do some process work of our own to get a better understanding on how we'd like to work as individuals. We are essentially using the story line from The Odyssey, hence the Spartan name. I'm currently working on the "Trojan" soldiers now, just need a few more views :). I hope you enjoy these and comments would be very appreciated! Any feedback would be great.

I'm obviously still dabbling with how I'd like to work, I'm still finding traditional is the most comfortable for me as far as sketching goes.


  1. I appreciate the "watermark" for protection. I am enjoying the feel of the soldiers and the Roman nuance of the bottom of pic 3. He looks "deadly" to say the least. The WWI influance of pic 2 stands out to me as a timeless resource. Budokan can be seen as well. I love these.

  2. Thank you! And yes I was most definitely borrowing from those eras and cultures to vary the helmet types as much as I could. It was so fun to combine all of them and come up with my own mix of Kendo-esque and WWI - WWII era helmets.