Sunday, September 26, 2010

Value and Color Studies

These are really basic value and color studies for my line drawing I posted a couple days ago. There's still going to be a lot of tweaking with a lot of elements, so these are in no way set in stone as of right now. The glow on the hands will be dulled down a LOT and the ground level and rocks will be changed in value here in there. I was also taking this opportunity to start laying in a few textures that I thought would emphasize certain areas of the piece. Just giving you a glimpse on the process I'm going through, I probably won't post anymore of this project until it is completed. And I've got my Image Making tarot card in the works as well!

Have a good week, world.

Friday, September 24, 2010


My second sophomore semester at school has officially begun so I haven't obviously uploaded anything new to the blog in quite some time. I decided to upload the preliminary drawing to my first piece of the year which is for my Illustration Techniques 2 class. We were each assigned a fortune from a fortune cookie and we had to elaborate abstractly from whatever we were given to illustrate. My fortune is "The first step to better things is to imagine them." I won't go into any detail on why I chose to do what I did, that is left up to you to figure out :)

I'll start value studies tonight and painting tomorrow!