Tuesday, August 17, 2010


No, I didn't die, but I have been computer-less for quite some time. I'm still awaiting my new one from a white shirt-black tie wearing squad of geeks who will remain unnamed. But don't worry! I continue to draw everyday, and whilst I was without Photoshop, I went back to practicing graphite. This is one of the drawings I did recently - my own interpretation of the lovable Flapjack. Here's what he normally looks like if you aren't familiar:

Flapjack is my favorite cartoon, it's hilarious and the art direction is fantastic. Don't worry, I'll have plenty more uploads when I actually have a computer to use at my disposal. In the meantime, you better be drawing everyday you fellow artists, you.

Take care,


  1. i like it. i'm not familiar with Flapjack, but i can get a sense of boyish adventure from the pose you put him in. and somehow your version reminds me of conan o'brien... weird.

    and man... the squad of geeks? i'm more certified for pc repair than those charlatan salesmen. what was the problem with your machine?

  2. I got a refurbished one online that was in my price range and when I got it the hard drive was already fried. So all they had to do was replace the hard drive and they said the one they tried putting in mine (from their store) was also bad. I wanted to just take it home myself and do it but the warranty would've been eradicated :/