Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Desert Elf

Original character concept that I did start to finish today. I integrated all of what I have learned so far from doing all of my speed paintings into an original piece, and I HIGHLY recommend doing it for practice. I learned a great deal from doing just the five this past week or so and its really paying off already. Set aside 2 hours of your day (or even one) and just do it!

Also: This week I really realized what I need to start working on...and whatd I do? Started working on it. I believe everybody should be looking at their work critically and really see what they need to do if they want to be successful with their art - or anything for that matter. The first step in getting better with anything is first realizing what you need to do to get there! For example: the other day I realized I have no idea how to draw noses out of my head - so that afternoon I just sketched them for a few hours. Also I just studied many of my favorite artists, compared them to mine, and really started noticing huge things I needed to do to mature my work - mainly color schemes. Draw everyday! Take care ya'll


  1. it shows dieter. Nice banner btw. About time for a change :)

  2. I'm taking this advice. Your drive is inspiring, Dieter. Brofist*

  3. i think that this is exactly what you've needed to advance to the next stage in your art. you're gonna be a beast come september

  4. Frank - Thanks a bunch man, glad I can help in any way.

    Josh - I'm glad its starting to show! BK might be overwhelmed with my amount of work...